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Custom Build Workouts

Trainings with detailed instructions for each day and intervals tailored specifically for you.

Recovery & Exercises

Recovery recommendations and tips as well as exercises such as core training and stretching.

Nutrition Guidance

Directions on nutrition for weight loss, higher performance and recovery.

Monitoring & Support

Close monitoring and support directly from the coach with feedback and advice. 

Meet Your Coach, Former Pro Tour Rider

Hi, I am Jakub Novak, former professional road cyclist with +11 years of cycling experience. I retired from professional cycling in 2013 at the age of 24. Since then, I have been passing on my valuable experiences which I gained throughout my professional career. I rode for BMC Racing Team alongside Tour de France Winner Cadel Evans or World Champion Philipe Gilbert. In 2017 I founded Pro Cycling Coaching.

More About Jakub
Pro Cycling Coaching
How It Works

Custom Build Training Plan

The Training Plan is going to be build for you, based on your availability, capabilities and goals. You are going to have identical training methods as world’s best rides. The plan is going to contain recovery and nutrition tips, core training exercises and each day you’ll have training focusing on different aspect of your cycling capability.

As you go, training plan is going to be adjusted based on your performance or any other aspect that may impact your fitness. 

Compatible with all of your training devices

Garmin Cycling Coaching
Wahoo Training Plan
Zwift Cycling Coaching

Detailed Instructions With Training Zones

A daily bike training contain detailed instructions with specific focus on developing your particular ability and usually containing few intervals. The intervals are based on your training zones. Each day you are going to see precisely what power or heart rate you should maintain. 

Training based on power training zones
Annual Training Plan Cycling

Seasonal Planning

Annual Training Plan is a season overview that is going to give us sense of direction and make us precisely target your goals. You’ll be able to choose when would you like to be in top shape throughout the season.

The ATP is set of weekly targets that say how much training you are going to do and what type of training you are going to do each week in order to achieve your goal.

Communication And Support From The Coach

One of the most important aspect of a successful training is communication with a coach. You’ll receive feedback, support, advice and careful analysis directly from your coach, Jakub. Jakub will oversee all of your training and keep you on track, accountable and motived. Having someone behind you will give you an extra push.

coach communication

Affordable Pricing. Great Value.

Choose Your Own Duration Of The Program. No Lock In Contracts.

Coaching Setup

$ 249

One Off
  • Annual Training Plan
  • Analysis of Strength and Weaknesses
  • Power And Training Zones Identification
  • Consultation of Personal Goals And Targets
  • Prescribed Specific Workouts
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$ 159

Per Month
  •  Annual Training Plan
  • Custom Build Plan
  • Daily Plan
  •  Nutrition & Recovery
  •  Guidance & Mentoring
  • Power/HR Zones Prescription
  • 2x/Month Training Analysis
  • Monthly Training Adjustment
  • Monthly Coach Consultation
  • Unlimited Coach Communication
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PremiumMost Popular

$ 249

Per Month
  •  Annual Training Plan
  • Custom Build Plan
  • Daily Plan
  •  Nutrition & Recovery
  •  Guidance & Mentoring
  • Power/HR Zones Prescription
  • Weekly Training Analysis
  • Unlimited Training Adjustment
  • Weekly Coach Consultation
  • Unlimited Coach Communication
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How Much Time do I Need to Train ?

While your weekly training time can vary greatly depending on your particular goal, we specialize in working with athletes strapped for time.

Whether you currently have no time to train or have plenty of time, coaching is about developing a program that you’re able to adhere to and fits your life. This is what sets us apart from just a training plan and many other coaching companies. We don’t just give you a training plan based on your “available training time,” you receive a well thought out and personalized program that’s unique to your situation and that continually evolves week to week.

Think you don’t have enough time? Test us out and let your coach show you what’s possible. If you decide in the first month that coaching is not for you, there’s no obligation to continue.

I Don't Race and I'm Just Looking to Improve My Overall Fitness. Do You Coach Athletes Like Me?

Yes! We work with all levels of cyclists, from complete beginners to pro level cyclists, with far ranging goals. Whether you are looking to win your next event, improve general fitness, or just lose weight we can help you out.

I Am Looking For Short-Term Plan Only ( 4 - 12 weeks ). Do You Coach Athletes Like Me ?

Yes! Although we specialize on long-term collaboration, we can offer you a program for the duration you need. Whether you are looking to get ready for your next race and need only 4-12 weeks, or you want coaching throughout the entire season, we can help you out ! Minimum length of the coaching is 4 weeks and you are free to stop anytime without any cancellation cost.

How Does Online Coaching Work ?

After you have signed up for a Coaching Plan, we will be begin the initial setup of your annual training plan (long term plan) and you’ll get custom workouts in the Training Peaks. You will be typically receiving your schedule at least one week in advance. After you perform those workouts, you will upload your data into the Training Peaks. Your coach will analyze that data each week or daily, depending on your Coaching Package. This analysis will either be emailed or discussed with your coach on the phone. This data and analysis will provide the coach with the information needed to plan your future training as well as monitor your progress. During the consultations with a coach, you will discuss your current training, future training, goals, events, race strategy, equipment, nutrition or any other areas.

Is it available in my country?

Yes, the coaching programs are based online therefore we can help you wherever you are.

Other Questions ?

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

Jakub is great communicator and top bloke. Been a pleasure working with him. He is systematic and very thorough in his approach to training.

Wes TaylorBrisbane

I enjoy Jakub’s program and I am getting great results from it in quite a short period of time. Noticing a significant difference in power to weight ration. Overall, very happy.

Adam DimechSydney

Jakub is awesome! He is able to build very effective training workouts around my schedule. Following Jakub’s coaching I was able in just 2 months, improve my results, break PRs set years ago, and get stronger than ever before.

Shai TraisterSan Francisco

Jakub is pro, he knows my strengths, weaknesses quickly and refer to my needs and apply necessary training and nutrition. So far, I have significantly improved and I am now able to aim to a higher levels of cycling.

Pierre LamHong Kong

Jakub is passionate and professional in his approach to coaching. Great to work and get along with.

William PenderPort Macquarie

I have to give credit to my coach, who gave me directions on what to do, even how to rest, what to eat, what not to do, on my daily basis throughout this season. Every week, I look forward what training he is going to put out there for me. But most of all I appreciate Jakub believes in me.

Novita SimbolonSacramento

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